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[C]reative / [C]ommunity

Creative: artistic, clever, fertile, gifted, imaginative, ingenious, inspired, inventive, original, productive, stimulating, visionary

Community: people


Revival: reawakening, rebirth, renewal, restoration, resurgence


Artistic: aesthetic, beautiful, creative, cultivated, cultured, decorative, elegant, exquisite, graceful, imaginative, refined, sensitive, stylish


Family: kin, people


Traditions: custom, folklore, ritual


Hive : a place in which people are busily occupied: a hive of activity.


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That’s how we do it!


or a LAUNCH or an OPENING . . .

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TCH is available 7 days/evenings a week based upon availability


0403 685 724

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Look Who’s Coming to The Craft Hive!

We are so excited that


has found her way to The Craft Hive

we love her work

I first came across Imogen’s Arts Space when I was in Brisbane

You can read more about that here

SO lucky for us, she has moved to our Island!

and your children have the opportunity to work with her!

How SO good is that!

P a s s    i t    o n !

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We are Back!

Hello 2014!

We had such a great, fun, crafty lovin’ time on Wednesday at our open Crafting Bee

So much wisdom shared in sharing out current crafty creations

and so much help and support and kindness in showing the way forward

Learning new ways within ourselves through our process with craft

I personally learned, that un-hooking is as ok as moving forward with something I’m not sure about

I have always felt and taught that mistakes are ok and just keep going, be with the mistakes, love them and integrate them

(sort of a theme that reflects my life way)

I learned that starting again, is not really starting again, it is doing it again with new awareness

and that I can choose to not like how a garment is going and find another way

Thank you Crafty Hivers for loving me through the process of un-hooking my ruffles!

We also welcomed many new faces, which is always such a delight!

New hands at work completing our blankets for the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia

How lovely to read that Catherine Hamlin is in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize

Thank you to the Midwives in NZ for the HUGE box of squares

Inspired to continue after our time at the Passage to Motherhood Conference last year on the Gold Coast and their time in The Crafting Womb

Join us if you are in the area

Wednesday 11-2pm with Bron & Me (when I’m on the Island!)

You are sure to leave feeling full of heart

My mum bought me this Owl

I love Owls, this one is pretty special don’t you think?!

We saw ‘Hoot’ in the giftshop at GOMA

and little did I know, my Mum brought her home for me!

Lucky girl I am

Check out where she comes from . . .

one colour

Hoot was knitted by a Rural Woman of Kenya who is part of the Kenana Toy Knitters Group

“One Colour embraces the sustainable, the broken, the beautiful and the confronting in life.

Heart and head: grace with action, and an end to extreme poverty in the world.”

I’ve been turning my hook to baskets and tying them up with string to create little pouches for holding special things

I’m making it up as I go!

and so excited that I can and now that I am comfortable with un-hooking, I have more permission to actually work it out

Craft Evolution!

I’m hooking a Poncho that way too! Making it up & crocheting from the top down!

You can stay posted with my Crafting over here in the happy world of  Instagram

Last year, Catherine my dear friend in Bowral (we’ve known each other since our babies were in our bellies!)

sent me this link about a 92 year old Japanese woman’s

Amazing collection of painstakingly-crafted traditional Japanese temari handballs

How totally inspiring is this work?


What have you been making?

Head over to our Facebook Page and join the conversation, we love hearing from our Global Crafty Friends


and if you are in Brisbane, I am coming over in March to offer a Workshop!

Yes, I know, I am very excited!

I happened upon this lovely new spot, KNITCH in Paddington over Christmas and met Anissa the Creator of the Space

so much crafty loveliness & a warm space to craft together

So, if you are in the Brisbane area, I would love to see you!

Soul Crafting
weaving together our threads

Wednesday 26th March



You can book with Anissa HERE

or drop me an email if you like

Stay Crafty!


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Craft Love 2013

What a Year 2013 has been


My own personal journey with Craft has been sublime

From San Fran to the Gold Coast to Melbourne the Sunshine Coast Sydney and Home to Hobart

My dream of taking Craft out into the wider community as a pathway to healing was actualised this year


To the growing Community of The Craft Hive in Hobart,  I give great thanks

In particular to Bron who held the Hive whilst I made my traveling crafting visions a reality

To the global efforts of


3000+ squares made

over 300+ blankets made


Thanks so much to Megan Davidson of Kurunda for her inspiration and for asking The Craft Hive to be the hub for this happening

A life changing event for so many, near and far

Global Crafting for a Cause

Those effected by the Tassie Fires, almost a year ago  . . . .

Watch the video  HERE of the coming together of ALL OF THOSE BLANKETS!

Thank You

Many friendships were made thru this project

It could not have happened without them


To our  Softies for Mirabel Crafters


I personally MADE more than I can keep up with this year!

You can check out my crafty creations over on my Instagram Account here


Not as much blogging

MORE crafting

MORE community

MORE activity

MORE hiving

MORE gathering

so much more


may your yarn stores always be full

and may your hearts and hands always be inspired by the love of crafting


Kristan xox

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This morning I thought I would update my MADE section on the website

and got a little ohmygoodness about it!

SO much craft archiving to catch up on!

I have been travelling so much with my craft this year, mostly, my making has been on planes, trains and automobiles!

Lucky me, I say!

This week I finished my first Snood [Snu:d]

:a wide ring of knitted material worn as a hood or scarf

My first time knitting on the round, I loved it so much

Creating a spiral as I stitched round and round and round

I used the hand painted yarn from my latest visit to Taos (jealous you are, I know!)

Pretty, don’t you think

At Vision Quest last week with the School of Shamanic Midwifery

I facilitated a process at base camp

Vision Weaving

The intentions of our visions were woven in

Our dreams, wishes, lovingly making up our Individual Mandalas

Here is mine

Celestial, don’t you think?

And now I am crocheting in the round

with yarn from Ghost Ranch, Santa Fe, the place of Georgia O’Keeffe

Magic in that place

My fingers are a’buzz with what to make next!

I spent a lovely week facilitating The Crafting Womb at the Australia College of Midwives Conference in Hobart

Think my next crafty effort will be a black shawl as worn by the Grandmother Midwives of days gone by

Listening to Midwife Nicky Leap reading from her book, The Midwive’s Tale; An Oral History from Handywoman to Professional Midwife

was a treasured highlight


Crafting BEE

Come spend time on Wednesdays with Bron from 11-2pm

Our community crafty focus:  #softiesformirabel

And if you are looking for a Crafty + Giving + Perfect Christmas Pressie

click HERE for a Perpetual Woollies for Tassie Craft Cover Girls Calendar

You will be supporting the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund



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Calling all Crafters! Make a Toy #softiesformirabel


Softies for Mirabel

Let’s support this initiative

Join ‘crafty forces’ with Pip #meetmeatmikes & all the lovely crafty ones of our bigger fab #knit #sew #crochet community

and get these toys made!


Join us at The Craft Hive every Wednesday 11-2pm from now until Wed Nov 27th for Handmade Toy Shenanigans!

You can check out the toys arriving on Instagram


PS important

on a personal note – I am home on the Island (albeit briefly!) and want to send out a HEARTY THANK YOU to Bron who has held TCH with so much love during my recent USA journey.  She continues to keep the crafty lovin’ alive and happening in our loverly Hobart Town whilst I craft my way around the place xxxxx

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San Francisco Here We Come!

Getting very excited!

I am off to present The Crafting Womb at the Squat Fest in San Fran!

Pretty Exciting eh!

and then a 5 week road trip with me and my boys! (bunting made by Bron – how so pretty is it!)

I have a new personal website under construction,  The Craft Hive will still be here as it is and will also link from my new site

Stay Tuned – very close to launch – Full Moon just around the corner! (tomorrow in fact)

THANK YOU to all of you who made Woollies for Tassie such a heart warming, life changing experience for ALL

Close to 300 blankets have now found there way to Dunnaley – it was one of those days in a lifetime

Special, Memorable, Life Changing

Whilst I am away, Bron will be the Acting Queen in Residence!

Please contact her here:

You can come and meet Bron on Wednesdays Crafting Bee

Thanks so much Bron

Happy Crafting

and keep an eye out for our Rainbow Serpent Craft Bombing as she weaves her way across the USofA! x

The Lovely Kate Tenni & Julia Gibson have a Winter Retreat on offer: Yoga & Creativity

‘The Flame Within’ see below  for details


The Flame Within

See you from Californ I A

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Crafternoon Tea {slideshow} for your Viewing Pleasure

Click link below – download – and watch – simple!

and so loverly

Woollies for Tassie Crafternoon Tea Event Slideshow

Thank you to Susan Styles & Rachael Daniels for these ever so delightful images

Captured the moment


In- joy!

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TOMORROW #woolliesfortassie


For those of you who missed my loverly chat with Penny of 936ABChobart

Here it is:

Woollies for Tassie Radio Interview 936ABCHobart

And if you have not purchased a Mercury today! DO – and check out page 27!

Thanks Alice & Nikki from The Mercury


Our Perpetual Craft Cover Girl Calendars are READY

So exciting!

This is our way of saying THANK YOU

Images of  sooooooo many squares + blankets & lists of the many many many contributors

Such a truly awesome effort everyone

SPECIAL THANKS to Megan Davidson for her super duper inspiration <3

You can purchase one HERE

They are $20.00 – $2.00 goes to the Red Cross

Postage is a flat rate of $5.00 – so go ahead and ORDER 10!!!!

This money raised will cover the costs of this Woollies for Tassie 5month long Event!

So many volunteers on so many levels – Thank You

Ahhhhhhh, wonder full

Here are the deets again:  INVITE

Please pass it along – ALL are welcome

Tea, Cake, Raffles, Silent Auction + + +

See you tomorrow

Much Crafty Love to you all



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the BIG blog


Phew . . .  ! How is everyone going out there? FULL of crafty loveliness?

I sure am

SO much love flowing in from all over the country side, far and wide

and so many helpful hands ’stitching together’

for the victims of the Tassie Fires

I honour you all and express my deep gratitude to each and every one of you who has spread and shared the L O V E

- local business’

- bloggers

- facebookers

- instagrammers

and to the

- crafters; both in tassie and all over the globe


500 squares and counting . . . .awesome, truly


Dates for ‘Stitching Together’ #woolliesfortassie here . . .

Quillows for Kids EVENT happening with the lovely Emma:

more details here . . .

Grandmothers Flower Garden EVENT happening with Dear Catherine:

more details here . . .


Chooks and Chicks EVENT info with Karin here . . .

SO much sharing of the Craft Love around

x o x

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