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Skincare, Teel Claridale Lotion

Skincare, Teel Claridale Lotion

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Teel Claridale Lotion 0.5 fl oz/ 15ml

Deep Moisturizing Ingredients - This daily moisturizing lotion contains green tea extract, Baobab oil, garlic, and Aloe Vera is rich in antioxidants, as well as Vitamin A and C, providing soothing, long-lasting moisturizing.

  • Softness and Elasticity - This potent antioxidant rich face and body lotion helps moisturize the skin. The all natural green tea extract is known for it's anti-aging properties and helps soothe and improve skin redness and blemishes or scars.

  • Teel Claridale Lotion Benefits - Improve the look of blemished skin and soothe skin redness and irritation, without over-drying. The addition of garlic acts as a natural cleanser. It also helps increase blood flow to skin, which improves tissue regeneration and the appearance of scars.

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